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Funds are used to purchase General Items to operate the St. Regis Branch of the Library. This includes hardbound books, DVDs, etc.,  and office supplies.
(406) 649-2427 Ext 215
6 Tiger Street  / POB Drawer K
St. Regis MT 59866
Donate to the St. Regis Branch of the Mineral County Library today.
Thank you helping the St. Regis Branch of the Mineral County Public Library. You can specify where to spend your contribution.
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(406) 649-2427 Ext 215  | 6 Tiger Street in St Regis MT 59866  
Libraries are a cornerstone of democracywhere information is free and equally available to everyone. People tend to take that for granted, and they don’t realize what is at stake when that is put at risk.

Carla Hayden 1952-
14th Librarian of Congress
[First Woman & African American]
We gladly accept Cash & Checks! 
Stop by with your tax-deductible donation (
we'd love to see you) OR mail your check* to our PO Box:

St Regis Branch Library
PO Box Drawer K
St. Regis, MT 59866

*Make CHECKS Payable to

Friends of Mineral County Public Library PO Box 430, Superior, Montana 59872.
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